Each year I speak to thousands of people around the world and at every event I meet very interesting and passionate people. Social media also offers me the opportunity to remain in contact with many of these people and to meet more like-minded people who are passionate about proactively shaping the New World of Work. Their ideas and the conversations we have shape my views and generate new creative ideas. I feel very privileged and blessed to do what I do. Social media allows me to connect with some truly passionate, dedicated and driven people. My take on social media and the people who contribute to the conversations is one of immense generosity. The greatest benefit that I receive from blogging and my social networks like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook is the invaluable musings, thoughts and ideas that people share. The world is a richer place.

As a small gesture of appreciation to the those who are shaping this new world of work and sharing my journey I will be profiling some of the passionate people transforming the status quo in business.

Today’s profile is of John Berry. John is the former Managing Director and Transformation Director at the retail bank Abbey National and currently Director at customer buyology. He received worldwide recognition for customer focused innovation in bringing a form of franchising to UK financial services as well as changing the face of high street banking by putting coffee and banking together (Costa Coffee).

John and I connected after he read my blog CEOs lose faith in strategic planning, they should look to yacht racing for answers. John’s acts of generosity have included recommending me to event organisers at conferences and being ever available to bounce ideas off.

Here are Johns answers to the questions I asked him

What are you passionate about? Customer experience delivery
What motivates you? the desire to achieve/ add value and see people develop
Why are you passionate about customer experience? It is basically common sense so why don’t companies see the benefit of delivery. Enthused by great experiences eg Apple/ Disney. Want to help companies deliever better results, not through prices but through people
What achievement are you most proud of? Up until leaving Abbey National it would be transforming the front line retail culture across an entire banks from the Costa Coffee and franchising initiatives that had world wide recognition. Since Abbey then it would be my work with banks globally that want to change and develop a “retail culture” and an “experience” for their customers – the Store Tour I run in London truly highlights just what is possible.
Who do you most admire, and why? John Lewis Partnership and the Disney Corporation for truly showing how putting customers first works for company,staff and shareholders. As an individual then Jack Welch from GE for delivering ” empowerment” to employees.
What are you reading? Buy.ology by Martin Lindstrom. Be my guest – the Disney institute
Any final thoughts you would like to share? Businesses that “listen” to customers win. My focus is about finding innovative ways for this to work especially in the world of retail banking where the opportunities for growth are truly remarkable, if only they would see the world through the eyes of their customers.

Thank you John for taking the time to answer these questions. I certainly agree 100% with you on your final thoughts, the more we build people empathy into businesses the better the overall experience

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