If there was any doubt left as to whether Social Media had the kind of reach of traditional media, then the answer arrived last week by way of Doug Wheelock who checked into the International Space Station on FourSquare, unlocking a ‘NASA Explorer Badge’

There’s a new first in the realm of outer space social media activity: a Foursquare checkin. Moments ago NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock checked in to the international space station, hence unlocking the “NASA Explorer Badge.”

On one front it could all sound a little gimmicky. Both FourSquare and NASA trying to get some attention? But if you read on in the article on Mashable, you’ll see that NASA Astronauts have been engaging with social media in space since 2009.

My own feeling is that outside of the really cool factor for FourSquare enthusiasts having a new unattainable badge to aim for, this story is more about social media continuing to find it’s way from ‘the edge’ into ‘main stream society’.

If you’re still wondering if your business should begin to engage in this space, this story should take you one giant leap closer to ‘yes’. (excuse the puns – couldn’t resist).

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