Dawna MacLean is a customer experience and business strategy thought leader, She is also a breath of fresh air and a source of original and innovative thinking. One of her latest posts on benefiting from radical change has deep insights and practical benefits for business leaders and I’d encourage you to read it or even better enjoy her presentation on the topic on the very brilliant Prezzi

On the thought of radical change, I’d like to share with you an excellent study done by IBM called Capitalising on Complexity – the crux of the report is that managing change is no longer the key challenge for business but complexity is. After a decade of dramatic change, executives now face incredible complexity across all aspects of the value chain and very few believe their organisations have the competencies to deal with this complexity. There are so many huge questions to answer, many business functions will need to be reinvented but the opportunities are massive. Equally there will be many casualties amongst those who do not build capabilities into their business to deal with complexity. I’m doing a lot of research on swarm intelligence as a way of dealing with business complexity and I’m very excited about the lessons we can learn from nature. More on this to come soon.

Check out IBM’s report

and you can also read a recent blog I wrote on this report:

Dawna, thanks for the stimulation discussions

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