TomorrowToday’s UK team has started a new blog, focused on UK and European issues specifically and trying to understand and respond to issues related to the new world of work. We’ve called it, “The New World of Work” and it can be found at

We will still be contributing to this blog, which will continue to look at all sorts of global trends, looking for case studies and examples of a new way of working which we call “The Connection Economy” (see some blog entries defining this issue from our archives here, here and in this category).

We will sometimes cross post our blogs (add them onto both websites). And sometimes we’ll just reference a post on the other blog. I’m about to do that.

The UK, like many other developed countries that pay a State pension, is facing a looming crisis. There are too many older people needing payments out, and not enough younger people putting money into these pension pots. Dan Ariely, a behavioural economist has an interesting suggestion – force people to save. Read it here.

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