About a year ago, I MC’ed an event by e3unlimited, a company focused on getting the most out of generation y. Bruce Morton and Emma Reynolds, the founders of e3, have now moved on (Bruce to Sydney and Emma to Hong Kong). But this past week they were back in town to do some work with talent2. Another of our partners, Filip Matous of Enviable Workplace, managed to catch a few minutes with Bruce and recorded a very informative interview with him.

You can watch the video and read some of the insights here.

The best bit for me is Bruce’s suggestion for the best way to open discussion with your employees to see how good your company employee engagement is. Just ask one question: “How easy do I make it for you to do great work?” In Bruce’s experience, managers are often shocked at the answers; usually organisations just get in the way of great work.

I like it. Ask this of your employees and colleagues this coming week. And listen to the answers!

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