I just came back from a 3 conference with MASSCASH (part of the MASSMART group, South Africa’s largest retailer). They’re a client I’ve done work with for around 7 years now. I don’t spend a large amount of time with them during the year, and during the last few years have only been involved at their conference. Change is therefore easy to spot. And change they have. In many areas.

As part of the ‘conference pack’ I was given a notebook and pen. On first glance it looked just like any other book and pen. When I got home and inspected it a little more I noticed a short message on the back of the book. It made for a powerful read and reminder about recycling:

The cover and pages of this notepad are made from recycled paper and board.

By choosing recycled materials you are limiting your impact on the environment and helping to save our planet.

In the last 30 years production of domestic waste has increased by 60%, we can recycle 40% of this waste but only 8% is actually recycled… please help us increase this.

One tonne of recycled paper saves 1.3 tons of wood or the average person’s yearly power consumption + 2 months of water usage. By simply recycling 25 000 tonnes of paper we could produce an extra 15 billion pencils or save 15 000 hectares of forest.

One tonne of (recycled) plastic save 800kg of oil or saves the 12 months power consumption + 1 months water consumption for 2 adults! The plastic used in just one bottle could manufacture 1 scarf! The plastic used in 27 bottles could be used to manufacture 1 sweater!

Think about what you use… help save our environment!

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