Got sent a link from Faaiez (twitter username : )

Very short article from The Los Angeles Times profiling some new games that require you to really engage your mind in order to play them. Engage as in, in order to move things you have to think them into action.

Charlatans and con artists have laid claim to its power for centuries. In science fiction, Jedi knights call it “the Force,” and the mind-bending X-Men (and Women) are old hats at it.

Telekinesis. Harnessing the mind to control your surroundings. It is the stuff of fantasy.

Now, that fantasy is crystallizing into reality.

Of course this technology is destined for greater things. Our cars, houses, planes, artificial limbs, wheelchairs, etc, etc will one day be controlled by simply thinking.

I often wonder how this will all be so? Let’s be honest, most of us battle to think about the stuff we have to deal with now. And based on millions of years of human history, we don’t think that well. Imagine when our minds are needed to control more than just ourselves? What damage will we be capable of then?

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