Tonight Bafana Bafana take to the field. New game, new era, new Coach, new goals to achieve…and hopefully score. In a way this represents a rebirth of sorts following all that was experienced and accomplished during the World Cup.

The challenge is for all South Africans is to get behind our team, to continue waving the flag. This is an opportunity to build on what was achieved during those remarkable days during the Finals. It shouldn’t be merely some emotional hype, it has to go deeper than that in order to be sustainable. And of course sustainability is the challenge facing South Africa. Staying connected and deepening relationships at both a personal and macro level will be what is needed. Companies that did amazingly creative stuff with their staff during the Finals need to ask themselves ‘what next?’. How can they sustain the goodwill and momentum that they were able to generate?

It has to go beyond the hype! Wave that flag but think about what needs to happen next. After all, thinking is the place were all intelligent action starts!

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