I have been doing some work preparing for a workshop session with an advertising agency. They want me to help them think through the implications of social media for their agency. We’re using our framework, “Beyond the Hype” as a starting point.

While doing some focussed reading, I came across a few quotes which you might appreciate. They got me thinking…

Bob MacDonald, CEO of Procter & Gamble: “What I would like to have is a one-on-one relationship with seven billion people in the world and be able to customize offerings for those seven billion people. Digital allows that relationship.”

Seth Godin: “The role of the CMO has changed from Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Movement Officer.”

Alice Louw, of TNS Global Brand Equity Centre, said: “Forward-looking agencies and companies of all types need to adopt the role of expert consultants capable of guiding clients in their Crowdsourcing endeavours: helping them to achieve optimal community engagement; to build and sustain a level of trust and authenticity with the community; to implement appropriate incentive schemes; and to make appropriate tactical decisions. This will mean stepping outside of engrained ways of thinking; adopting new philosophies; and re-evaluating traditional cost models.”

General Eric Shinseki (via Tom Peters’ excellent business book, Re-Imagine): “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”

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