A few years ago I met Martin Geissler (@mmgeissler). He’s a dad from my daughters school. He’s the Africa Correspondent for itv news. According to Wikipedia:

ITV is a public service network of British commercial television broadcasters, set up under the Independent Television Authority(ITA) to provide competition to the BBC. ITV is the oldest commercial television network in the UK, having begun broadcasting in 1955.

With all the SA Twitter noise about @SkyNews and their negative slant on the World Cup, I figured it’d be good to ‘showcase’ another journo who works hard to represent a fuller picture. Of course nobody get’s the full picture. I get that.

SkyNews has been a focal point for my community on Twitter through @guntherlunch’s creation of @emmaturd a parody of @emmahurd. Her generally negative reporting of the SA World Cup has created some wonderful humour via Mr Bullard.

Martin’s a UK native who, apart from having lived in SA for a few years now, works really hard to package news and happenings as close to the way they are as is possible. I know this because I’ve sat for many hours listening to how hard he works to get to the ‘real story’. Of course journos at Sky News would claim the same, but I’ve heard Martin’s pain in what it takes to get as many sides as he can.

Take a look at some of Martin’s stuff:

So I guess all I’m suggesting is that in your search for a different angle, here’s a Scottish-South Africa perspective I’ve always enjoyed listening to and being challenged by – Martin Geissler’s World Cup Blog

Disclaimer: I’m not employed by itv or Martin Geissler in any way shape or form. I just like people who work hard at putting together the fullest picture possible in an uncomfortable and challenging way.

Apologies – I know Martin isn’t going to like that I wrote this promotional post of himself as an individual. But I like his stuff and I think you might too?

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