Is it just me or have football players taken acting lessons? The FIFA World Cup has been littered with theatrical dives and players going down as if they have been poleaxed by a Mike Tyson hook when in fact replays show there has been no contact whatsoever! It is sickening and will stain the beautiful game doing irreparable harm if nothing is done about it. Someone has to do something to check what seems to be a growing trend. Players falling as if a sniper has taken them down isn’t doing the game any good and if Blatter wants to protect the image of the sport then the law-makers have to impose stricter sanctions on the actors. Referees must be told to be harsh on such theatrics and here is where technology could play a part through post match citing – much like rugby uses to deal with dirty play. Another approach would be for managers themselves to come out and condemn such acting rather than defend the dives as they currently do. It doesn’t matter what methods are employed – fines, bans or cards…but for the sake of the game please somebody do something!

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