The BP oil spill provides an opportunity for America to turn inward and think about it’s dependence on oil to make its economy work. Environmentalists have been saying for years that this is a cause of great harm to the planet, and now that such a harm befalls America’s shores maybe it’s time to have the conversation about alternatives. I don’t know what else it will take, since this is something America has been promising itself for decades.

Here are two great videos that highlight the promises of every American president since Nixon (yes, way back in the 1970s, and EVERY President since) to reduce dependence on (foreign) oil. Most have also promised to reduce dependence on all oil, regardless of source (i.e. it’s not just an oil supply issue, it should be an oil usage issue, too). So far, President Obama has simply used bluster to kick BP’s “ass”, rather than turn the conversation to where it should be. But maybe it’s too early for that. Hopefully a blackened southern coastline will help Americans have the right conversation.

Here then the two videos (you may live in a country where the Daily Show video is unavailable):

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As a PS, if you want to know why they didn’t get on and do something about it under Bush, watch this excerpt from Bush’s State of the Nation address, and keep an eye on Cheney in the background:

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This is one of the saddest sets of videos I’ve posted at this blog. Hopefully this current crisis will cause a real change in America. Hopefully…

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