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10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media

Click the title above to access the full story and all the details. The author suggests the following ten uses of social media uses to engage almuni. Some of these may be clever to use with corporate “alumni” too:

  • Helping Alumni Find Jobs
  • Collaboration and Connecting With Students
  • Fundraising: From E-mails to Tweets
  • Training Alumni To Use Social Media
  • Meeting Alumni Where They’re At
  • Providing Tools To Spread Information
  • Alumni-Generated Content
  • Promoting Alumni Networks
  • Mobile Reunions
  • Connecting The Dots: Google Maps

How Hospitality Companies are Using Social Media for Real Results

I was excited to find this article title, but disappointed at the content. They suggest the following uses:

  • Personalizing Customer Service
  • Storytelling
  • Making Good with Mom
  • Employee Education

I’d suggest that the following could easily be added:

  • Geotagged and location-based tips and specials in the venue, and in the surrounding areas
  • Event announcements and daily information
  • Special deals and giveaways
  • Enhancement of entertainment options
  • Management of staff, schedules and staff interaction
  • Scheduling of activities, including allowing guests to requests services (e.g. wakeup calls, reservations at restuarants and spas, etc)
  • Feedback (and responses to feedback)
  • Use “objects that tweet” to manage facilities

What would you add?

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