A few days ago, Facebook starting allowing its members to use the “LIKE” function that is well known within Facebook on any website across the Internet. We’re experimenting with it on this blog. The idea is that if you’re logged into Facebook while you’re surfing, then any website can be marked as something that you “like”. When you do that, it will appear in your Facebook stream, and let your Facebook friends know about something that interested you.

Mashable, the ubiquitous commentator on all things Web 2.0, suggests that this type of thing could make Facebook the dominant web company of the next year or so. It already gets about as many hits a day as Google, and tapping into the network of 400 million users could push it even further into web dominance. Facebook’s “Like” button could also oustrip the Twitter Retweet function quite quickly.

What do you think? What do you think about the “I like this” buttons we’ve added to our blog? I’d also be interested to know what you think the etiquette will be – can you “like” your own blog entry, or is that too much?

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