I am a columnist for BizCommunity, and write for them about once a month. My latest contribution reflects on international aid, and why Haiti’s tragedy is a problem for Africa. Haiti has done a remarkable job of ensuring that it keeps in the media’s eye, largely by making it easy for celebrities to travel there and by engaging with social media very effectively. I don’t begrudge them this at all. Well done, them.

But the problem is that there is a limited pool of money that gets channeled to international aid, and when millions of this gets diverted to one tragedy, someone somewhere else is losing out – especially in the current economic climate.

Africa, more often than not is the loser in this scenario. And yet Africa’s daily tragedy is every bit as horrifying as the pictures that emerged after Haiti’s earthquake.

Read more at the BizCommunity blog. And then, please, do something to respond! My suggestion is to sign up to the excellent resources made available by The Global Poverty Project.

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