CNN Living recently carried an article by’s Matt Ferguson. In it, he suggests that there are six key workplace trends that employers should be watching. Read his article here.

I like his list:

1. Hiring contract workers — Be open to job listings that indicate “contract” or “freelance” work. Still cautious of hiring of permanent staff, 25 percent of employers expect to employ contract workers or freelancers in the second quarter to help fill productivity gaps. Thirteen percent said they are likely to hire these workers on a permanent basis.

2. Offering internships — No matter your age, consider applying for an internship for the experience and exposure. Employers are upping their number of interns to cost-effectively add resources in the interim. Nearly one-quarter of employers said that they will be hiring interns at their location in the second quarter.

3. Hiring for social media — Market your social media savvy. As social media rapidly gains popularity among consumers and businesses, employers are taking notice and plan to add jobs and responsibilities related to Web 2.0. Nearly one-in-ten employers plan to hire a new employee in the second quarter to focus on social media. An additional 13 percent plan to add social media management to a current employee’s responsibilities.

4. Adding bilingual staff — In order to appeal to broader consumer segments in the United States who may not speak English or speak it as a native language, employers are looking diversify their personnel. One-third said they plan to hire bilingual candidates in the second quarter of 2010. Half said that if they had two equally qualified candidates, they would be more inclined to hire the bilingual candidate.

5. Replacing lower-performing employees — Don’t get lost in a false sense of security and prove you’re irreplaceable. Companies are re-evaluating their current staffs to prepare for the upturn ahead. Twenty-eight percent of companies said they plan to replace lower-performing employees with higher-performers in the second quarter.

6. Holding on to talent — If you are that exceptional employee, your employer may likely prove it. 32 percent of employers are concerned that some of their top employees may leave their organizations in the next few months as market conditions improve. To help retain workers, 14 percent are offering more flexible work arrangements, 14 percent are investing more in training, 10 percent are promising future raises or promotions and 9 percent are offering more performance-based incentives such as trips and bonuses. Another 5 percent are providing a higher title without the salary.

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