One of the emerging requests/trends in today’s business environment centers around the mystery of ‘working from home’. Many people talk with much  gravitas about the ‘ins and outs’. However, in my experience, once you dig under the surface a little, you discover how little they know. In fact how little is known, period, about this subject (again that’s my opinion).

You can understand then, why this blog post from Inc Magazine caught my attention. The entire staff decided, as an experiment, to see what they could learn about working from home. And so home they went, for one month. What a great project : )

This article is written one week in, and they give a brief summary of the learnings so far:

  1. Remember to eat
  2. Prepare for e-mail overload
  3. Get out of the house
  4. Get a comfortable chair
  5. Video chat is your friend
  6. Don’t forget to stop
  7. You can actually get stuff done

In the article they unpack each of these 7 points. Worth following and reading for sure….

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