TomorrowToday’s blog has been up and running since September 2004. We have over 1750 posts on our blog, filed under 35 different categories. We’ve not done this before, but here are TomorrowToday’s most read blog posts as of 31 December 2009:

10.) Time Magazine – the future of work
9.) How’s this for the latest craze
8.) Tell me and I will forget show me and I may remember involve me and I will understand
7.) Navigating This Differently Connected World – exploring the impact of social software on business today
6.) ‘Weeping’ by Josh Groban, errr actually Bright Blue
5.) The Talent Reboot
4.) Good to Great to Gone
3.) Back to the Future – Rethinking Strategy
2.) Detailed Introduction to Generational Theory
1.) ‘After Shock’ – the five trends disrupting business in the next 5 years

So there they are. If there was a writing award in TomorrowToday it would certainly go to Graeme Codrington (based in the UK for now, and traveller of the world) for the most written and the most read. Correlation between the two? Me thinks so.

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