One of the trends we’ve been tracking for some time at TomorrowToday is the growing desire for personalisation. This is more than mere customisation. It is about creating something completely unique and tailored specifically for a particular individual. Nike was one of the first to make the news with their offering of customised shoes – you bought the shoes online and then selected a customised tagline to emboss onto the shoes. (They had some fun with people selecting offensive slogans, and had to have a level of censorship that ultimately backfired on them. But the idea was the right one).

I keep my eyes open for examples of customisation – big and small. Here’s a small one, but for someone who spends a significant time in front of a computer screen, it certainly grabbed my attention. will allow you to create your very own custom font face. It’s free and will take you about ten minutes to do. Download the font form, write your font face on their template, scan it, upload and wait a minute or so for the font file to be sent to you. Simple. Neat. Nice!

I don’t know how I’ll use this new font yet, but it’s nice to see my handwriting unfolding across my screen as I dictate this blog entry using voice recognition. One day, I’ll be replaced by this machine. I hope people notice if that happens….

(PS – for a more indepth look at the trend of personalisation, check out TrendHunter Pro’s report on it here).

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