We’re very excited to announce that TomorrowToday has teamed up with the talented team at Terrapin and Dean van Leeuwen (Co-Founder of TomorrowToday UK) has been asked to present at the prestigious 7th Annual Loyalty World Conference in London on the 4th of November. Along with a number of other distinguished speakers and industry experts including Luke Johnson Chairman of Channel 4 and Risk Capital Partners, this is a unique conference designed to assist you in understanding all the complex elements that go into designing a successful loyalty strategy. The economic crisis is forcing a change in customer attitudes and priorities. The age of consumerism is all but over and people‚Äôs buying habits are changing.

Dean will be presenting Mind The Gap – focusing on how we can use people’s values to build stronger customer relationships and hence greater loyalty. He’ll also be showing the audience why it is we don’t always understand people older or younger than ourselves and why achieving customer loyalty often feels like trying to herd cats!

For more information and to register for the event please visit the Loyalty World website

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