Over the past two months there have been a number of huge developments in both outer space and cyberspace. Developments which could change the world we live in forever.

Outer space first…

On the 24th September it was officially announced that water was found on the moon. Chandrayaan-1, India’s first-ever moon probe, detected wavelengths of light reflected off the surface that indicated the chemical bond between hydrogen and oxygen — the telltale sign of either water or hydroxyl. In an attempt to further confirm these findings and establish how much water is present, on the 9th November NASA crashed the rocket and a satellite into a crater near the moon’s south pole. It will be awhile before all the data from the satellite can be analyzed to determine if there is water on the moon, but if confirmed then this will be equivalent to finding the holy grail of space exploration. Water on the moon would mean that colonisation of the moon would be possible within the next 10 – 20 years.

Cyberspace rockets ahead…

In recent weeks two huge milestones were achieved in the internets short history.

– First, The United Kingdom has become the first major economy in which advertisers spent more on internet advertising than television, with a record £1,75-billion spent online in the first six months of the year.
– Secondly, the first England International football match was watched exclusively on the internet.

Research shows that Internet advertising has become the dominant advertising medium in just over a decade. In the first year of the survey, 1998, the Internet accounted only for less than £20 million ($32 million) a year.

The internet now accounts for 23,5% of all advertising money spent in the UK, whereas TV ad spending accounts for 21,9%.

It was originally predicted that internet ad spending would overtake TV at the end of 2009; but the crippling advertising recession accelerated this by six months. TV advertising spending fell about 17% year on year in the first half of the year, to about £1,6-billion, according to the report.

These are two very exciting developments which have the impact to radically change life as we know it today. The thing that intrigues me is that it will probably be India and China that lead the race to colonising the moon… now who would have guessed that 20 years ago…

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