At the beginning of September I wrote of the billboard we got through a barter with INM Outdoor.¬†Edward’s comment made me smile as he asked what we were doing with ‘old technology’ being a company that explores an emerging world of possibilities? Other than the fact that we swapped some of our time, for some of their space, there wasn’t really another reason for doing it.

We did all wonder what would come of our 2 weeks of space? We made sure the call center was open 24 hours a day and bought triple our normal bandwidth to deal with the large volume of e-mail, web and blog hits we were expecting. Of course none of that happened. Other than a supplier’s wife mailing me to say she’d seen it, I’m not sure we had any response. Doesn’t mean that there wasn’t anything useful about it? Just means we didn’t get to hear about it.

Anyway our 2 weeks are up on Peter Place, and I’ve been meaning to post a pic as proof that we did have one.

Check out the security we had on it : ) Electric and metal fence. Can’t be too careful with our well designed billboard.

Oh and that’s me, to prove I at least saw it.

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