It’s often really easy to moan about bad service and poor customer facing performance. But when good things happen I often make the note, but never ‘post it’.

As many will know we’re currently embarking on a re-branding exercise. No easy feat for a small business. At times like this you wish you had a team of people dedicated to the task. It happens on the fly and isn’t ever completely done, as you spend the next few weeks tweaking and changing.

We use WordPress as a backend for the sites we keep. And so step one was finding WordPress themes that would do what we needed and then work with the look and feel we had decided on. For those of you who know, there are literally thousands of themes available, so many hours were spent just working through what was available.

We have a blog ( and 3 websites ( / /

For the blog we chose ‘Massive News’ from Press75. And for the websites we chose ‘Revival’ from Viva Themes.

Because our team’s main focus is researching future trends around people and business, our web development skills aren’t nearly close to what we wish for (although we don’t think we’re too shabby on the bell curve distribution). I’m glad we chose ‘Revival’ from Viva Themes.

Moving websites isn’t ever as easy or as simple as you imagine when you start out. So having Mike at Viva Themes respond to us within 24 hours every time we called for help was a massive win. He was also to the point and ‘easy to use’. It never felt like we were being a pain, and he always gave clear and simple instructions. So simple even I was able to follow.

We’re almost done (whatever that means) tweaking and changing, and things are looking pretty much like we wanted them. The UK team have the next task of moving across to Revival, but we have the SA sites looking and feeling like theirs.

Our next goal is a commerce site for our resources. We’re a little while off that at the moment, so I’ll wait for then before I put out any more info : )

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