It’s not the normal practice on this blog to be show-casing new technology, for the simple reason that it’s kewl. We rather try and focus on the people impact changes have in the areas of technology, values, demographics and institutions. Certainly this post is related to changing how we see things, but I just loved the technology and wanted to post it for those that haven’t seen it.

It’s the new feature that Apple have built into the iPhone in it’s interaction with MobileMe. It’s very kewl. Way kewl. To read the full brief go here.

But a brief summary is:

Now, if you lose your iPhone, MobileMe can help you find it. MobileMe includes a new feature called Find My iPhone. Just enable Find My iPhone in MobileMe settings on your phone.* Then you can log in to from any computer to access Find My iPhone and display your phone’s approximate location on a map.

As I said. Way kewl

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