As you know, TomorrowToday tracks societal trends. We help our clients to understand the implications of shifts and changes in technology, demography, institutions and societal values. Every now and again, we come across people who are doing an excellent job in both tracking and visually communicating the types of information and trends that we think our clients should be tracking.

The best of these are:

  • Gapminder – I warn you – only go to this site if you have a few hours to spare. You will be amazed and delighted by the videos available and the software they’ve designed to take international public domain demographic information and display it in graphs that will blow your mind
  • – static maps that reconfigure the world map based on different criteria. So, you can see a map of what the world looked like if every person in each country had one square kilometre of space. India and China balloon, and Australia nearly disappears! Some of their hundreds of maps are truly amazing.
  • Worldometers – live updates of key statistics – watch the world population grow before your eyes. See how much energy we’re using, how many cars are being made (this might be slightly out of date as of today), or how many people have died of hunger this year so far. Less technically accurate than the other two, this one is maybe more immediately impactful as you see numbers whizzing up and down.
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