Technique lags technology. Fact. The need for leaders to keep pace with technology is relentless and never-ending. It is a race that can’t be won. However leaders today cannot afford to hide behind walls excusing techno-illiteracy on their part. As decision-makers within their organisation they need to understand the possibilities and limits offered by technology. Only once they do this can they frame the ‘right’ questions to be asking in order to leverage the advantage technology offers. The lack of understanding impedes the CEO’s ability to make the right calls and leverage the advantage.

Usually IT systems are too expensive, complex and not flexible enough…this then impacts on the ability to understand, use and adapt them when necessary. Problem is, where do CEO’s go to get such insights, ask the ‘stupid’ questions and explore how to apply and leverage the available technology? The answer is ‘nowhere’…well not that I am aware of at least!

That is why is seriously looking into providing a meeting boma for the CEO, the IT person, the HR person and well OK, the FD: after all they are the people who usually know the most about what is really going on within a business! Image such a meeting to expose this select group to some of the available technology followed by specific discussion as to how best to stategically put this technology to work? First some mindshifts will need to happen but that out the way, could make for a fun day with massive implications! Any takers?

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