The “Millennials at Work” research to be published by PricewaterhouseCoopers later this year is based on survey responses from over 4200 graduates in 44 countries (click here to see last year’s survey). The headline results include some interesting insights into how this younger generation thinks about ethics and their company.

Young members of staff especially want ethical employers and training, and will work for less pay if treated well. While 61% of employers worldwide say they have challenges recruiting and keeping young employees, new research shows that the young – far from being the self-centred job-hoppers employers depict them as – are idealists who want ethical employers.

In a key finding, 88% of young staff say they want employers with corporate social responsibility (CSR) values that reflect their own. Additionally, 86% would consider leaving an employer whose CSR values no longer reflected theirs. An employer’s policy on climate change is seen as important or very important by most graduates globally (58%).

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