Deloitte has developed a Periodic Table of Talent that covers most of the elements in the talent management area.  It is divided into four parts – strategy, solutions, infrastructure and catalysts.

There are two types of talent elements – core and differentiating.  Core factors support the traditional employee lifecycle. Differentiating factors have higher potential to drive competitive advantage.  If you look at the table below, you will see the differentiating factors are represented by a square with the top left corner chopped off.  

In the 21st century, differentiating is more difficult than it used to be.  Companies sell the same products, offer the same services, to the same customers, at similar prices, deliver through the same channels and advertise in the same media using the same techniques.  So how do companies differentiate? 

One of the best ways is to focus on your people strategy and the environment in which your employees work.  Don’t feel too daunted and overwhelmed – TomorrowToday has expertise, insight and frameworks that cater for most of the differentiating areas!  I highlighted those with a black star. 


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