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:: Why Ethical Consumption is Taking Off (by Graeme Codrington)
:: Who’s Looking After Them? (by Karin Wellman)
:: Do You Know Talent? (by Barrie Bramley)
:: Dear Yves…a conversation around Values (by Keith Coats)

:: Featured Articles in October

GraemeCodringtonWhy Ethical Consumption is Taking Off
Dr Graeme Codrington’s latest presentation is called Hannah’s Rules which alerts companies to an essential emerging trend: the ethical consumer. In this article, he explains WHY ethical consumption is such a growing trend.

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KarinWellman – Who’s Looking After Them?
Karin Wellman, co-founder and director of TomorrowTraining, asks, “Who is training your trainers?” Trainers and those in charge of the development of other staff members are often neglected as recipients of training and development themselves. Karin highlights this as a critical problem for businesses today, and suggests a solution.

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BarrieBramley – Do You Know Talent?
What is talent, and do you really want it? If so, how much talent do you want, where will you find it and what are you going to do with the talented people you manage to attract to your company? Barrie Bramley turns his attention to these and similar questions, as he helps companies to see talent as their most important competitive differentiator.

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KeithCoatsDear Yves…a conversation around Values
Following a presentation on Invitational Leadership at a two day workshop for senior leaders at a prominent multi-national, the CEO of the company and Keith Coats engaged in a chat about values and the role they play in a company. He invited Keith to email him some thoughts around the four values his company had framed. Here is Keith’s response. It is an excellent insight into the type of values-driven leadership required in companies today.

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