I am on the mailing list of TGIF, a network of small discussion groups in Gauteng, South Africa, that meet ridiculously early every Friday morning. The promotional emails are usually thought provoking, and this week’s is no different.

Saturday’s 07/07/07 Live Earth concert series is claimed to have been the largest global entertainment event in history. About 150 musical acts performed over a 24-hour period on all continents (including Antarctica) to draw attention to the global climate crisis. The event was broadcast to a mass global audience through radio, television and the internet. Broadcasts were interspersed with practical tips illustrating how small improvements in consumer behaviour can have a noticeable impact.
Criticisms were many and included the environmental impact of the event itself (littering at the venues, stars leaving in private jets, etc.), the possible political undertones (some dubbed it “Gore Aid”), and scepticism about the extent of global warming itself. In South Africa, we may be tempted to add that we have much more pressing problems such as poverty, HIV/AIDS and crime. However, we shouldn’t let ourselves off the hook too easily. As responsible citizens, we should do our realistic best on all fronts, including both the societal and the environmental ones. Granted, there are trade-offs, but caring for ourselves & others cannot exclude caring for the world we live in.

Nice one, guys!
Can I suggest checking out TreeHugger.com’s tips for going green? Everything from greening your office and gym, to greening your wedding, your pet and your sex life (I kid you not!).

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