The first time I heard about the AACS ‘secret’ code (AACS is the anti-copying system built into HD-DVDs) being aired on the net, was the user revolt on Digg that made news on the blogosphere.

Then this morning while browsing through BoingBoing I came across another post with images, songs, tatoos and other fun things people are doing to basically lift a middle finger to the establishment.

Whether you agree with what’s happening or not, the lesson sits in a changing business environment where you can’t behave like you used to. While officials were threatening to sue every web site that carried the code…..

“The AACS Licensing Authority, which controls the anti-copying technology underlying HD-DVD, sent out hundreds of legal threats to sites that had posted the key, including Digg.”

…the code was being spread everywhere.

“Right now, 368,000 pages contain the number, up from 36,000 yesterday. Good luck getting the food coloring out of the swimming pool!”

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