This is a really nice piece from the Christian Science Monitor, from the April 27, 2006 edition.
Gen Y’s opt-out vision
By Courtney E. Martin
BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (April 27) would be a great idea if the contemporary workplace was actually a place where we wanted our daughters and sons to end up. Unfortunately, for the second-wave feminists who created it, and fortunately, for the third-wave feminists who aren’t having it, this “special day” is about as relevant as a traditional Southern coming out party.
The “opt-out revolution,” first coined by Lisa Belkin in her New York Times Magazine story in October 2003, has since been discussed by feminists and antifeminists alike in countless news features and opinion pieces. The trend of young women rejecting the traditional workforce is, indeed, real. But this trend isn’t limited to young women. What social commentators are failing to point out is that both young men and women are not just opting out, we’re not even buying in.
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