I’ll admit it. I am a cynical, hard to please Generation Xer who is to tough to impress. In one of our presentations (Organising the Future), we compare my type of people to cats – impulsive, follow their own rules, uncontainable (verses older style employees, who are more like dogs – man’s best friend, reliable, dependable, easy to please). And when last did you see an impressed cat?
Well, today, I am impressed. Well, on verge of being impressed anyway. I don’t know how the guys at cricinfo.com get paid (advertising, I guess), but they deserve medals. Their text commentary is fantastic, and when TV decides not to show a game (be it international or a local first class game), then cricinfo becomes my saviour. New Zealand’s run chase (and clean sweep victory) today was great to “watch” online.
But, then, a little note was passed onto the screen to check out a new feature about to be launched: 3-d replays. Man alive, it looks great. Check it out here. The 3-d animation engine will pick up the full text commentary, and will re-enact the entire bowling and batting sequence in 3-d animation, with simulated camera angles. OK, so its not online TV yet – that will be coming soon, I presume. But its a great leap forward for the ancient game.  Today’s game was available here – not sure if it will be archived soon.
If only the administrators could get into the 21st century along with all the supporting technology. No wait, I’d settle for them making a step into the 20th century… that would still be an improvement.

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