5 Steps to fulfilling work that fuels your passion, suits your personality and fills your pocket. By Jeri Sedlar and Rick Miners. ISBN 0-02-864228-7
Rewire your brainThe 5 steps of the Rewire process – a formula we have used successfully with our clients – are as follows:

  1. Seeing the opportunity: Retiring is a going from and rewiring is a going to.
  2. Identifying your ‘drivers’
  3. Linking the drivers to your activities.
  4. Creating your rewired vision.
  5. Developing your action plan.

The real workforce challenge for the future is not a shortage of workers but an abundance of older workers who would like to keep working. Don’t Retire, Rewire offers practical advice to help employers engage those workers in new ways and to help older workers understand the arrangements that best meet their needs.
I enjoyed this book. It was practical and helps a person to plot direction and create a new and exciting future.

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