wakeThere is a unique situation in South Africa as the white Baby Boomer generation head towards retirement in the next few years.
Instead of wanting to leave a legacy behind them (which is probably the global Boomer desire), South African white Boomers just can’t wait to get the hell out of the organisations that have sidelined them over the last 15 years in the wake of Affirmative Action and Empowerment policies. This is a precarious position as businesses begin to realise that there are not enough Xers to replace them and they run the risk of losing core skills, experience and wisdom. This risk is compounded by the reluctance to engage in transferring their wisdom prior to leaving the organisation.
It was a telling moment when sitting with a client in the electricity industry yesterday who told me directly that we won’t get anything out of these guys – in terms of transferring their wisdom to younger employees – until someone from the organisation stands up and says, “Guys, we’re sorry … we’ve f&*ked this Affirmative Action thing up and messed you around”.
I wonder if the Corporate Ego will allow this to happen?

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