Maybe it’s just my lack of skill and ability, and so I submit this post, open to learning from those who know better….

* I’m looking for the details of a Holiday Inn Hotel in Cape Town. I go to Seems reasonable right?
* I get re-directed to their UK site – Seems strange but I’ll go with it.
* I search for ANY hotel in their group in Cape Town – I get nothing
* Maybe it’s FireFox so I try in IE – still nothing

I can only conclude that tourism has finally taken off in South Africa, and Holiday Inn hotels are booked for the forseeable future. Or perhaps they’ve taken Robbie Williams advice when he was here, that we keep our beautiful country a secret from the world? Or perhaps they’ve levelled every Holiday Inn within a 30 mile radius of Cape Town (that’s what the search most suggested)

Whatever it is, I’ll be in the stable this evening : )

Click on the smaller image, for a larger image of what my search returned.

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