I do hope you’ll excuse the therapy analogy here – one nevers knows how severe the lynching may be when mentioning therapy influenced notions in the business context.
Anyway …
MirrorOne of the roles a therapist fulfills for a client is that of a mirror .This means that the therapist can become a reflective tool for the client who may not be able to see aspects of their story and any changes that may need to occur on their own. This does not mean that the therapist becomes an expert observer in the life of the client, but does help the client see himself more clearly and see the journey better.
In many ways, this is what I believe we do as TomorrowToday. We hold up a mirror, so that companies can assess who they are in establishing competitive advantage in the Connection Economy. If it is really more about who you and and less about what you sell, it is important that businesses (including ourselves) have a mirror they can reflect themselves against to get to grips with who they are, what frameworks can aid in the process and help discover the answers within themselves.
Perhaps a crude analogy, but one I believe is pertinent. Your thoughts?

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