Tomorrow, I am speaking at South Africa’s “Best Company to Work For 2006” awards ceremony (live on Summit TV from about 8am). In preparation for this, the organisers sent me information on “Employee Engagement”, the theme of this year’s awards.
They sent an excellent article by Rich Wellins and Jim Concelman, “Creating a culture for engagement”. (Read it in full here, or download the PDF here.)
Some of the key points:

  • Employee engagement has a direct impact on the bottom line performance of a company. Employees must do more than just arrive.
  • Engagement is a leadership issue.
  • Engagement is easiest when employees FIT the jobs they’re asked to do.
  • There is a strong relationship between engagement and the degree to which employees see how their roles and their work relate to the overall strategic direction of the organization.
  • Clear goals and expectations are essential to high engagement.
  • Employees want and expect opportunities to grow their knowledge, expand their skills and experience new challenges.
  • Many leaders invest little time, effort or money into recognizing people’s efforts and accomplishments, even though the return on this investment can be phenomenal.


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