LyndaSmith – Will I Retire Like my Parents?
Lynda Smith, trained Retirement Coach and Wisdom Continuity expert, shares some insights into the options facing those who will reach retirement age in the next 10 years. It’s fairly clear that this generation of retirees are not going to give up work completely and disappear to the coast or golf courses. But what options do they have? click here to read the rest of this article

AidenCholes – Talent saturation
Aiden Choles looks at the business critical issue of retaining talent, highlighting some of the mistakes that companies make when trying to manage their talent. He argues that a certain amount of churn is inevitable, and possibly even healthy if managed properly. But that requires a shift in perspective on what talent is. click here to read the rest of this article

AloysiasMaimane – From Marathons to Short Sprints
Aloysias Maimane wonders how we can shift today’s talented young employees from a Sprint mentality to a Marathon mentality. How can we get them to stay for the long haul, and stick it out? He suggest three simple solutions that provide some of the pieces of the puzzle. click here to read the rest of this article

GraemeCodrington – Youth – The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Dr Graeme Codrington suggests that traditional segmentation models aimed at understanding the youth market fall short because they fail to see the impact of generational value shifts. In fact, he goes further to suggest that by combining lifestage theory, socio-economic indicators and generational overlays, you are able to gain insights into your market that would otherwise have been hidden. Sound complex? It’s actually remarkably simple. click here to read the rest of this article


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