Jim Collins – Good to great suggests that it is imperative for one to select the right people or get the right people on the bus as means of a developing a great company. In a South African economy where legislation like BEE is rife, it is important to understand this process and be rigorous about selection. Is then the new black talent is a highly sought after commodity in the workplace today?
As a black South African there are often numerous offers to form part of Business boards all in the name of BEE. Skin colour, it seems, is now at times a greater competency that skill. I wonder what the price of all this is going to be?
In the new economy, relationship building with staff will be critical, There is a new black kid on the block who does not want to be insulted by all these extravagant offers in the business world? The deal and warning to companies is that it is still essential that the right people come on board than just on the merit of skin colour. It is becoming still more about skill and deliverables. Younger X’er South Africans still want to be valued on their deliverables. It is an educated group of individuals who model boomer values in their drive and need for achievement in the highest level. In some ways this group of South Africans is now entering the market and revolutionising the way business is done in the quest to remain African yet competent and competing with the best in the world. The come armed with credentials and connection with senior members in established companies and government.
The abuse of the system will still continue here companies still get a few black faces on their board. This is dangerous as the nature of the relationship has a lot of exploitation companies should also expect to be exploited by the same black faces on the board. The fancy BMW’s and other unwarranted incentive come in to play and these are maybe in some way exploitation on the part of companies.
Companies who will become great on the economy will need to embrace the authentically the idea of development and empowerment. Skills shortage is a greater issue, as was the admission of the president in the State of the nation address. Empowerment that is sustainable has everything to do with imparting valuable to skills to the Previously Disadvantages. We need to engage the new emerging black graduate. If we are not just going to window dress we need to ensure that skills imparted and that there are still competency requirements that are met.
The economy has no time for short term fixes of window dresses for us to have a broad based economic empowerment we need to transfer skills. Not in a token way but in real genuine way to see the

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