IDC logoWhen we speak about a sense of significance, this could be an implied point anyway, that significance needs not be found in the workplace only. Reading an article this morning on companies that promote and belief in social awareness, I realized that today’s talent will also be find significance in projects outside work.
It is very difficult to be passionate and fulfilled whilst doing an audit, yet if you were making enough money to support a project and something that spoke to one’s purpose, today’s talent may give loyalty in exchange for that. Kind of work-purpose integration.
Co-incidentally I’m meeting more people who are starting companies in order to fuel or support something they feel passionate about. My question really after all this is,” is Today’s talent use their work as something that funds their economic engine, in order that they may do something more purposefull with their lives in other forums?”
I would suggest that companies that will become more attractive to today’s talent are the ones that find something that resonate with Staff. Give staff time and resources to contribute and add value to the charitable organization. It’s no longer that CSI is a tax relief or a constitutional obligation but something that can fuel and enthuse staff coming to work.
The IDC bank did this succesfully well. They have a staff fund which staff members contribute to. The companies matches what the staff bring. They then have a committee that decides what happens to the money and how the rest of the staff can contribute. During work hours they visit projects and decide on funding. The effect that, certainly on the Black staff members, was incredible. It gave them purpose and in a way spoke to them remaining with the IDC. Somehow it resonated with the values of the “struggle and Ubuntu” in that the success that the company was experiencing and the relative wealth that was realized by the employers, was also used to see another people empowered and enriched.

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