Motorola, (in South Africa at least) has reportedly been experimenting with a shift to more work-life balance in their working hours and office inhabitation requirements.
Apparently, non-traditional working hours are the norm, driven by a vision of seamless mobility where what you do is more important than where you’re at. They also have a “Mobile Zone”, which brings the workplace closer to home via seamlessly connected workstations, thus making the daily commute an option rather than a “must do”.
I’d be interested in finding out more, if anyone knows. Typical of pretty much every company I know, Motorola do not develop their “employer brand” on their website (they know how to market their products, but not themselves as an employer of choice). They have a fairly imposing webpage, entitled “Ethics and Code of Business Conduct“, but this is a dry and imposing document, and not attractive at all. So, their website is no help in learning about their employment approach to work-life balance.
Ah well, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Helping companies build their employer brands is part of how I make a living, so it should probably be exciting that I have such a huge market of companies who just don’t get it. But, to be honest – it sometimes depresses me…

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