BeesWe know the lesson: if you ask your Talent to stay, they won’t. So, the alternative is to create an invitation that “pulls” them towards your organisation in a manner akin to swarming. The metaphor, care of Cognitive Edge, of a swarm of bees is a valuable metaphor: if the beekeeper can capture the swarm after it has left the hive, then it can be put in a new hive and will become productive. Swarming involves creating the equivalent of a bright light and seeing what comes to it.
Unfortunately, a “bright light” can not be conscripted. One needs to tap into the informal talent network in your organisation to understand what that light may be … because that is where the answer lies, and it is there! Again, the argument is to really get into the mind of your talent before instituting cosmetic changes to your culture (ala flexible working hours, relaxed dress code, etc). Cosmetic changes are popular beacuse they provide a false sense of security in believing “right, we have done soemthing”. While these changes have worked for other organisations, your organisation is a different system.

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