A quote from “Governance in the Digital Age“, by John M. Eger:

This trend away from corporate community engagement must be reversed as we increasingly must compete for the high-tech knowledge worker. Corporate America needs to lead the way to help reinvent our communities for the global knowledge age. Together they need to find a way to start a community-wide dialogue to help define what our common future looks like and, in the process, bring these two forces or visions together.
The timing for such an effort is more urgent than ever, for as we enter the 21st century, creativity and innovation will be our greatest assets and, hopefully, lie at the heart of our greatest exports. But we must do so fully cognizant that a business-driven society that fails to embrace the values of its civil society, as Yankelovich has written, “without showing respect for its employees or customers, without inspiring people to give their creative best to their jobs, without employees and management understanding each other and without employees’ buying into management’s vision of the future (will) inevitably slip into mediocrity or worse.”

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