Fast foodWe all do it, our busy schedules and run around lifestyles mean that we eat more take away and fast foods now than we ever did…ITS TRUE. How many times after a busy day, do you just say ” I think I’ll just grab something on the way home”. Its jsut the way it is, but we will pay in time for this. According to a New Scientist Article, fast foods even in moderation are dangerous. Why? According to research done on monkeys, diets high in trans fats (the kind of fat found in fast foods) caused the subjects to grow bellies faster and to become insulin resistant, a first sign of diabetes. However, and this is the interesting part, other monkeys were fed the same amount of calories but the fat was from mono unsaturated fats and had gained significantly less weight. So, in this fast paced time, think twice before you stop off and indulge in some of that deep fried, fat saturated and sauce basted take away. It could mean the difference between diabetes or not.

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