I’ve always said that the people who sell bottled water, especially in countries that have perfectly good water in their taps, are genius. They’ve taken what is essentially a very cheap commodity and applied sufficient marketing spin in orer to increase the price, by thousands of times, and then sell it to the very same consumers who can buy it for next to nothing. In another world it’d be like me buying a BMW from BMW for R500 000, applying sufficient marketing spin to sell it to my friend who owns the very same model BMW for R500 000 000. It’s great business if you can get it.
But then I come accross this post. A post about Seven Eleven Japan, who have launched ‘canned oxygen’. I kid you not. If these guys can pull it off, and there’s no reason they can’t based on bottled water why they can’t, then they become king of my list of people I wish I was.
Suck it up baby!
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