I spent the day with a group of Xers on Tuesday. And a smart bunch at that. Toward the end of the session there was some free-wheeling that happened and some good conversation started up. I was contacted by one of the group who re-raised some of the issues. I said I’d post her thoughts (below in my own words) to see if there was any response or thoughts from anyone else.

  • The discussion centred around gen x’s general lack of hanging around. So where boomers have created forums and searched for solutions as a group, xers look for solutions as individuals and if nothing is found they move on. In a business context it means that less is being done in groups to search for solutions and a lot more movement is taking place. The implications for business is fairly obvious. Should xers be concerned with this behaviour?
  • And her other question was (in her words)

what I can do about my need for my change “fix”?

If I’ve got it wrong then I’m sure I’ll be corrected in one of the comments.

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