The modern day manager finds himself, or herself if you like, in the tumultuous torrent of demands, expectations, requirements, compliance and regulatory pressure. As a sub-text to this malaise, one finds the issues of ethics, integrity and sacrifice as additional priorities in the managers intentions to lead effectively. Managers unite in the call to take these important issues in their “stride” as a qunitessential “lines of duty” in maintaining a profitable workplace. Clarke N. Western has now published this useful handbook that provides solace, encourgaement, practical tips and affirming stories of managers who have successfully navigated the murky mire of Management.
If you have clicked through to read the remainder of this drab post you have distinguished yourself as the calibre of person who is destined to reach the higher eschelons of management. The book listed above is but a diversion from the (un)acclaimed Art of Demotivation written by Dr E.L. Kersten, the esteemed founder of Despair Inc. Provided as an extra cover-jacket to the book, the Ethics, Integrity and Sacrifice cover provides todays discerning manager with an opportunity to read the Art of demotivation without his staff and reports discovering that he is delving into the secret weaponry of Demotivation.
Being of different cloth to employees, managers have the noble task of ensuring their business remains profitable and that shareholder returns are maximised despite the best efforts of todays whinging workforce. You see, many organisations and executives (including all employees) have fallen prey to the Noble Employee Myth – that in their undisturbed state, employees are naturally good, motivated and have the organisations best interests at heart. Convinced of this myth, executives have proceeded to create and support the multi-billion dollar Motivation industry, an indsutry that claims employees have been taken out of their “homestasis” by managers thus resulting in sad, down-trodden, unproductive and demotivated employees. The Motivation industry sells a lie that only the discerning manager will see (like you for example who has clicked through to the remainder of this post) – that it can return employees to the preferable state of productivity and motivation by providing affirming messages to their inherent narcissism.
The only way managers and executives can save their budgets (and businesses) from the incessant drain on profits that so-called demotivated employees demand is by employing a covert programme of Radical Demotivation. Such a programme is sure to pull your employees out of their self-inflicted state of “demotivation” and return them to full productivity by allowing them to realise and recognise that their narcissism is in fact …shall I say, what Marx called “the opiate of the masses”.
The Art of Demotivation, if not discovered by unsuspecting employees, will revolutionise the management sciences by allowing executives to regain the ground they have lost to employees who have demanded better working conditions, respect and bosses who respond to their every whim. Relax, your salvation is here … buy the Art of Demotivation here and discover how you can be freed of the hold your employees have on you. You can now realise your full potential as a manager (which is why you have proven yourself to be superior to your employees) by employing a covert programme of Radical Demotivation as espoused by Kersten.
If you’re not yet convinced, indulge yourself in some free audio and visual podcasts Kersten has provided here that allow you to see such a Programme in action at the Despair Inc warehouse.
Happy demotivating!

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