Yes, it exists … and you thought life was tough through your mid-life crisis. The Quarterlife Crisis is an often misdiagnosed period in the life of 20- and 30-somethings when the sheer weight of lifes choices bear down on the young and threatens to render them imobile. Travel, career, relationships, marriage, identity, passion, dreams, location … these are the decisions that Quarterlifers need to address when they are just shy of 30 years of age. Generally defined, the Quarterlife Crisis is that unique crisis of modern 20- and 30-somethings who are faced with overwhelming choices and expectations regarding their future.
Joanne Jowell weaves a wonderfully smooth narrative of her Quartlife experience when she woke up one morning in Cape Town and reliased that there was no script to guide her in decisions around career, home, idenity and dreams. This is a book that many young adults will identify with – Jowell has captured succintly the nuances of becoming an adult in todays changing world. Never before have people in their 20s and 30s had to face the magnitude of life choices and decision-making that we face today.
Jowell outlines her own Quartlife crisis and offers some observations and explanatiosn that will help fellow Quartelifers address the looming crisis in their own lives. Based in futurist observations, Jowell identifies how being a new generation in this world, along with advances in technology, travel, equality and early retirement creates a crisis that many folk don’t recognise, nevermind overcome. The book provides some wonderful to our Being Talented framework.
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