“Survey: Workers Happy With Pay, Want More Flex Time” (Workers Also Want Parental Leaves, Personal Days). WBALChannel News, Baltimore, USA. (Read it here).

A new survey found that nearly 75 percent of all workers are very or somewhat satisfied with their compensation. On the other hand, 44 percent said they would change their mix of cash and benefits if they could.
According to the Hudson Highland Group, 33 percent of those surveyed would like a more flexible work schedule, while 22 percent would opt for additional family benefits such as parental leaves and personal days.

This is something we think is critical to attracting and retaining talent – understanding that work-life balance (or work-life integration as we prefer to call it – see TomorrowLife) is more important than a standard/traditional remuneration package approach. Today’s talent also want to be paid for their OUTPUTS, rather than for their inputs. Get these two things right, and you take a quantum leap beyond your competitors in terms of your “Talent Quotient”.

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